The Twitter Paradox


Can we become cyborgs? This question was asked to one of the most genius tech entrepreneurs of our generation – Elon Musk. To which he replied that, “We all are cyborgs.” The valid explanation to his point would we all have accounts on websites like Quora, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter  etc. All these accounts are versions ourselves, that are available online. Without them, we are incomplete and so are they without us. So, in a way they have integrated into our lives and hence we are all cyborgs.

They empower us in many ways. The free flow of information is so fast that it is almost impossible to imitate in the real world. Twitter, a micro blogging website, due to its popularity and celebrity status has gained a good position in the social network competition. Journalists, politicians, actors and almost every ordinary person uses it to express their views. One click and your views are exposed to the entire world. The marketing agencies are the first to harness the incredible clean power of social networking, General advertisements in the good old days are now replaced with targeted advertising. Which means you see what they know you would definitely like and buy. This has makes marketing even more effective and efficient. New terms like digital marketing and integrated advertisement has come into practice.

The usage of Twitter has accelerated because of its celebrity status. You can now communicate with your favorite movie actor or politician directly. This power and freedom has gained a lot of audience and users for Twitter. But ironically this has a reverse effect on advertisement. Twitter is said to behave a bit unexpectedly for its users. This effects the advertisement adversely. Even then Twitter is gaining more and more revenue from its advertisements and is associated with more and more campaigns. This is a paradox of twitter. But statistics has confirmed the validity of the thesis. The “Awareness vs Adoption” problem of the Twitter is well known. In every region and for every type of user this graph goes low as the awareness increases the ratio of increase of adoption does not follow. But this paradox is possible because of the fact that when high numbers of people are associated with the product then even a falling ratio or a declining graph is still on an overall rise.

Because of this, Twitter has successfully survived the brutal market and has kept it’s existence till date. But this also increases the chances that sooner or later, quiet often, they come across some losses and downfalls. The good news is, owing to its popularity these losses don’t live for longer and they overcome them. The bottom line in their business is with every passing day, more and more companies are brand names are willing to get associated with twitter because sooner or later they will benefit from this relationship. This raises high revenues both for Twitter and the company associated. All in all it is a win-win situation.