How Often Should You Update Evergreen Content


‘Evergreen content’ is a qualitative, unchangeable and life-long content article that should be relevant and not to be changed. However, it could be updated and maintained to improve contemporary tastes, ideas, and logics. The frequency of your updating period varies depending on the contents you want to refresh. These are some of the processes to follow when you want to update you contents like regular and periodic auditing and analysis of your posts, make your contents seasonal and periodic posts, and the URL (web link) should be maintained to make it evergreen.

  • Regular and periodic auditing and analysis of your posts

You should do a regular and periodic content auditing and analysis of you posts basically, between the sixth to the eighteenth month of posting and publishing. You need to check your articles and twitters in order to find out the contents that are out of date and the ones you have tweeted before now to clear them from the archives. You also have to change the date of publishing to a new date. In addition, you should make some revisions and reviews in the content if it is needed. Remove the flags in your twitters in order to give it a new look and a taste of freshness. In this case, you have updated your content and your followers will continue to read and visit your site. However, you should avoid batch mode tweeting, as this will make your contents boring to regular followers, who are frequently visiting the site. This exercise will enable you to understand the action to take either to rewrite the posts entirely or to remove them from the archive totally, if the posts or ideas are no longer in vogue.

  • You should make your contents seasonal and periodic posts

You should change your contents to periodic and seasonal posts if you want to make your old and previous posts to look fresh and new.  The dates of posting should be changed to new and recent dates if you want your followers to continue enjoying your posts. Other ways to make your posts periodic contents are by reviewing, re-publishing, and re-tweeting. Moreover, you should understand how Google uses dates to avoid confusion. It is better to add the year to the topic and remove it from the URL. In most cases, you could change dates without deleting the old content from the URL and this depends on the usefulness of the old post, and the quality or validity of the information it contains.

  • The URL (web link) should be maintained in order to make it evergreen

This is to ensure you do not lose an already established link by making the content to become a living URL. You can create a new URL and transfer the old or outdated content to it, especially, if the information it contains is still a memorable and relevant one instead of deleting it, while the new or reviewed content will be on the old and evergreen URL. Furthermore, you should always have a strategy that will enable you to remove, transfer, and archive old contents and posts.

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