Firefox 4 Review


Have you experienced the latest version of Mozilla’s browser? Firefox 4 has some unique features that will make it weather the competition in the industry. Some of these exceptional and essential features are the tab groups, switch to tab, and add-ons.

Do you know that you can be able to call up your tab groups anytime you need them? There is a feature that enables you to arrange together your frequently visited pages according to their order of importance and usability to you. This feature also assists you to call them up whenever they are needed; it is called the ‘tab groups’.  Although, it is a very wonderful feature that has its limitation of not being able to transfer the pages between windows and programs, and it is impossible to locate tabs that are not responding positively. However, these tab groups are made to enhance tab management and improve the functionality of tabs interfaces and collaborations.

There is another unique feature of Firefox 4, which is switch to tab. You could be able to locate a website that you are trying to reach as soon as you are typing the address, it will pop open for you especially, if it is already in use in a tab on the system. However, there is a limitation according to user experience, which explains that your search results similar to previously searched topics are confused with the previous search results, search history, and the list on the system.

Another essential and unique system that is seen as a blessing or a curse for Mozilla is the add-ons features. This feature helps you to enjoy the process of installing, removing, and finding add-ons. You can also install and remove browser themes very easily. Add-ons manager has been changed from a pop-up window to a browser tab making it easier to access and use. Moreover, Mozilla is a renowned and widely accepted browser today due to the usability and high performance of this feature.

However, add-ons could reduce the performance and functionality of the browser.  Some major add-ons by Mozilla are also using the former add-on APIs. Therefore, if you want to install, update, and uninstall add-ons, you will need to wait for the browser to restart. This problem is being resolved as Firefox has taken some measures to ensure that other software like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which are better and much more efficient programs are accessed and used by add-ons in its operations.


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