The Twitter Paradox


Can we become cyborgs? This question was asked to one of the most genius tech entrepreneurs of our generation – Elon Musk. To which he replied that, “We all are cyborgs.” The valid explanation to his point would we all have accounts on websites like Quora, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter  etc. All these accounts are versions ourselves, that are available online. Without them, we are incomplete and so are they without us. So, in a way they have integrated into our lives and hence we are all cyborgs.

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How Often Should You Update Evergreen Content


‘Evergreen content’ is a qualitative, unchangeable and life-long content article that should be relevant and not to be changed. However, it could be updated and maintained to improve contemporary tastes, ideas, and logics. The frequency of your updating period varies depending on the contents you want to refresh. These are some of the processes to follow when you want to update you contents like regular and periodic auditing and analysis of your posts, make your contents seasonal and periodic posts, and the URL (web link) should be maintained to make it evergreen.

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Firefox 4 Review


Have you experienced the latest version of Mozilla’s browser? Firefox 4 has some unique features that will make it weather the competition in the industry. Some of these exceptional and essential features are the tab groups, switch to tab, and add-ons.

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